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Adobe User Research is an online panel of Adobe Systems Inc. which offers many marketing research studies to get first hand opinions of customers. The panellists belong to all levels of computer expertise right from novices to professionals. They convey their opinions through online surveys and contact studies like usability studies, site visits, interviews, surveys, and other types of research.

Adobe Systems Inc. is the worldwide leader in software technologies for the last twenty-five years. The company was founded by visionaries Chuck Geschke and John Warnock. It offers business, creative and mobile software solutions that have revolutionized the way world engages with ideas and information. Their clients include enterprises, knowledge workers, creative people and designers, OEM partners and developers worldwide.

The website adheres to guidelines of TRUSTe. Panelists are free to participate in contact studies or online surveys. Respondents may be given incentives in the form of cash, gifts or software products. 

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Icon General Information:

Regions of participation: United States, International

Minimum Age Members Need to be to Join: 18

What Type of Rewards do Participants Receive: There is some mention of rewards in the form of cash, gifts or software, but no further details are available. 

Minimum Required to Receive Payment: Not Specified

Type of Surveys on Offer: Online surveys. Contact studies like usability studies, site visits, interviews, surveys, and many other types of research.

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United States