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www.cosmeticresearchonline.co.uk/ is the website of Ayton-Moon Consultancy. It is used for marketing research in cosmetics and toiletries. The research information is given out to manufacturers of cosmetics and toiletries in seven different countries.

The website maintains a panel of over 7000 consumers volunteering for at-home testing of products. The products are sent to the consumers through mail and their feedback on product attributes is collected. This information is supplied to the manufacturers, which helps them in improvising their existing products and R&D of the new ones. Study reports are also used to authenticate claims about health and beauty products before they are sold in the market. They are also used for advertising purposes.

All the products are tested for safety of usage. Company does not advocate testing on animals.

Ayton-Moon Consultancy was established in 1995 by a qualified beauty therapist, Sue Ayton-Moon. Today the company has an impressive client list. 

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Icon General Information:

Regions of participation: International

Minimum Age Members Need to be to Join: None, guardian consent required if under 16.

What Type of Rewards do Participants Receive: Merchandise

Minimum Required to Receive Payment: None

Type of Surveys on Offer: At-home testing of cosmetic and toiletry products.

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United Kingdom